The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS does NOT support Polish American Outreach, a rally in Washington, DC on September 22, 23, and 24 to call on Congress to repeal Public Law 115-171, based on Senate Resolution 447.

Contrary to the facts, the organizers of Polish American Outreach wrongly assert that the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS did NOT do enough to register the opposition of Polish Americans to Public Law 115-171 which calls on Poland to fulfill her Terezin Declaration obligations.

The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS worked hard to oppose S.Res 447. Moreover, the Polish American Congress agrees with the Polish Government that the Terezin Declaration is NOT binding, and therefore does not oblige Poland to pay extravagant lump-sum compensation for Jewish private property despoiled by Nazi Germany and then nationalized by the communist regime which the Soviet Union imposed on Poland.

The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS’s position on Public Law 115-171 is clearly expressed in the link below to my recent letter to Secretary of State Pompeo with its attachments that document the strong opposition of the Polish American Congress to S.Res 447.   This is the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS’S position on the private property compensation controversy.

The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS will now turn the page and focus on Poland’s promising future by moving the THREE SEAS INITIATIVE (3SI) from rhetoric to action.

                                                                          Frank J. Spula


                                                                          Polish American Congress
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