Office of the President

Articles and communications from President Frank J. Spula – 2017-2020


Inauguration Congratulations for President Biden

Inauguration Congratulations for Vice President Kamala Harris


Statement by President of PAC on 3SI

Congratulatory Letter for President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda


08/06/2019 Letter to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

Attachment: Statement on Poland and the Poles During WWII

Attachment: Letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Attachment: Letter to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce 

03/19/2019 Polish American Congress’s Statement on Street Demonstrations to Stop Senate Resolution 447

02/21/2019 Letter to Prime Minister Morawiecki supporting his decision to boycott Visegrad Conference in Israel


11/26/2018  Letter to Prime Minister Morawiecki concerning Social Security in Poland
05/07/2018 Letter to Mayor Fulop Protesting Removal of Katyń Memorial
04/24/2018 Pres. Spula’s Statement on JUST Act of 2017
02/12/2018 Letter of support to Polish President Duda
02/07/2018 Letter to Sec. of State Tillerson
01/27/2018 Condolences to family of Gen. Edward Rowny
01/04/2018 Letter to Ed Royce, Chairman House Foreign Relations Cmte


11/07/2017 Letter to NBC protesting Polish Joke

Articles and communications from President Frank J. Spula – 2012 – 2016

11/09/2016 Congratulations to President-Elect Trump and VP-Elect Pence
09/17/2016 Pres. Spula’s Letter to Sen. Mikulski re restitution claims.
07/14/2016 Pres. Spula’s Letter to Sec. Sate re Jewish restitution claims
03/29/2016 Pres. Spula’s Letter to Pres. Obama re meeting with Polish Pres. Duda
02/16/2016 Spula’s Letter to 3 US Senators re meddling in internal affairs
01/15/2016 Pres. Spula’s Letter to EU Pres. re unfair criticism of Polish Govt.
04/20/2015 Letter to FBI Director Comey re Poland’s role in the Holocaust
11/24/2014 Open Letter to President & US Congress on Russian actions
07/25/2014 Pres. Spula’s Letter to Pres. Obama re Ukrainian air disaster
03/04/2014 Pres. Spula’s Letter to Pres. Obama re Ukrainian situation
02/19/2013 Pres. Spula’s Letter to Pres. Obama re Visa Waiver Program
02/07/2013 Pres. Spula’s Letter on Sen. Hagel’s Nomination for Secretary of Defense
05/30/2012 Pres. Spula’s letter to Pres. Obama re Karski medal presentation
03/21/2012 Pres. Spula’s letter to Sen. Schumer (NY) in support of Visa Waiver
01/24/2012 Pres. Spula Visits Poland with US Congressional Delegation

Articles and communications from President Frank J. Spula – 2010 – 2011

05/28/2011 Pres. Spula’s letter to Pres. Obama about support for VWP for Poland
03/04/2011 PAC Protest to Lithuanian Govt. About Discrimination Against Polish Minority
08/30/2010 PAC Statement on Solidarity’s 30th Anniversary
07/06/2010 Pres. Spula’s congratulations to President-elect Bronislaw Komorowski: Polish, English
03/31/2010 >Pres. Spula’s letter to IPN about reports concerning the late Edward Moskal: Polish

Articles and communications from President Frank J. Spula – 2009

01/29/2009 Letter to National Rememberance Institute about Communist agents in Polonia: Polish, English
02/11/2009 Letter to Speaker of the Polish Parliament about insult to Polonia: Polish, English
03/12/2009 Letter from Polish Ambassador Robert Kupiecki on 10th Anniv. of NATO membership: Polish, English
04/03/2009 Letter from the Speaker of Parliament in response to Mr. Spula’s letter of 02/11: Polish, English
06/03/2009 Pres. Spula’s letter to Pres. Kaczynski on the 20th Anniversary of free elections: Polish, English
09/19/2009 Pres. Spula’s Statement on US-Polish Relations

Articles and communications from President Frank J. Spula – 2008

08/14/2008 Letters to President Bush and President Kaczynski re Georgia
08/18/2008 Letter to President Bush re Russian threats to Poland
09/08/2008 Letter to House Appropriations Committee in support of funding
the missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic
09/19/2008 Letter to Illinois Reps. Rahm Emanuel, Mark Steven Kirk and Janice Schakowsky
urging withdrawal of a resolution criticizing Poland for not enacting property restitution
10/17/2008 Letter to Senators McCain and Obama concerning Visa Waiver
10/17/2008 Letter to President Bush concerning Visa Waiver
11/03/2008 Exchange of letters between Sen. McCain and Pres. Spula regarding Visa Waiver
11/05/2008 Congratulatory letters to President-Elect Obama and Congressional leadership

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