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President’s Invitation

The leaders of the Polish American community, concerned about developments in Poland, met for the first time on March 4, 1944. Polish Americans were concerned that Poland be restored to the independence it had enjoyed before World War II. The Polish American Congress was, therefore, founded for the express purpose of representing the concerns of Americans of Polish heritage before the government of the United States.

The fall of Communism in Poland was not our only goal. It was but the beginning of the work of building a free, independent and prosperous Poland. Our task is to build on our record of the past fifty years as we expand on our activities and programs. With this as our base, we can better serve the interests of the Polish American community as well as the proud nation of Poland. The Polish American Congress supports the strengthening of democratic institutions and promotes an atmosphere of free trade and private enterprise, not only in the United States, but also as the foundation of the future political and economic development of Poland.

To successfully implement these objectives, we need the support and active involvement of all generations, social and economic strata, private individuals, and the business community.

There is room and opportunity for everyone willing to share of their talents and energy in a united effort to move forward on our goals. On behalf of the officers and directors, I personally invite your support in joining the Polish American Congress as a member. Together we can assure its continued vitality and service to Americans of Polish heritage.

Frank J. Spula



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