by PAC Communications Intern Adam Konicki

The Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation (P-TEC) was initiated by United States Energy Secretary Rick Perry as part of the Three Seas Initiative. P-TEC promotes interconnectivity, security, and collaboration between the Central European energy sector and the United States. Secretary Perry noted the gains from such a partnership, saying: “across the world…energy choice will strengthen energy security… economic security…and national security. And along with energy choice…the United States supports competitive markets… the rule of law… and the sanctity of contracts. We uphold the transparency of energy deals…and oppose using energy to coerce any nation.”

United States investment in this initiative opens new markets for United States energy goods, services, and products. This creates American jobs and business opportunities. American technological leadership coupled with this energy investment will reap environmental gains, reducing pollution and its negative health effects. This investment, covering territory from Lithuania to Greece along the strategic Transcarpathian corridor will strengthen common democratic interests and will resist monopolization in the energy market.

P-TEC, focused on the mutual interests of Central Europe and the United States will return dividends for the investment in the short and long term. Shared energy infrastructure like power grids, pipelines, and transportation will create greater unity, partnership, and will objectively return financial, environmental, and job growth profits. In the bigger picture, the United State role in Central Europe will be solidified, further building a transatlantic community that can stand together, yet independent of those opposed to democratic, economically proven, means to growth and security.

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