Polish American Congress Statement
on the 30th Anniversary of the Solidarity Movement in Poland

The Polish American Congress proudly salutes the women and men of Poland’s earth-changing Solidarity movement on occasion of the 30th anniversary of its emergence as a hope and a promise to freedom-loving peoples everywhere.

Solidarity proved to be a linchpin of the massive changes in favor of democracy and human rights throughout Central and Eastern Europe, and beyond. What is even more remarkable, like Ghandi’s movement for peaceful change in colonial India and Pakistan, Solidarity proved once again that non-violence at the hands of determined people can surmount any wall or iron curtain that is put in its path.

The Polish American Congress felt especially privileged to not only bear witness to Solidarity’s fight, but also have been able to lock arms in support of the citizens of Poland in their heroic struggle. It is fitting that in the confusing and turbulent world of today, we honor those who kept the torch of freedom aloft for future generations.

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