by John Czop

House Resolution 672, the Three Seas Resolution will get marked up by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on 1 October.

It has 41 co-sponsors, with an approximately even split between Republican and Democrat co-sponsors.

The next step will be a vote on floor of the House of Representative, hopefully before the October 19 Three Seas Summit Meeting!

I applaud the presidents and officers of PAC State Divisions who asked Polish Americans to phone their members of the House of Representatives to persuade them to co-sponsor H. Res. 672. Remeber only phone calls are logged; emails are not. 

We need more successes like this to move Poland forward to a promising future.

Please continue to phone your United States Senators to persuade them to co-sponsor S. Res. 566. to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Katyń Forest Massacre, which tells the world the truth about Poland and the Poles during World War II.

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