The Polish American Congress is focusing its efforts on enacting the 80th Anniversary Katyń Forest Massacre Commemorative Senate Resolution (S. Res. 566). We are asking Polish Americans and friends of Polonia to phone their United States Senators at their Washington D.C. offices, and request that they co-sponsor S. Res. 566. This resolution already has received strong bipartisan support from the leadership of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator James Risch (R-ID), and its Ranking Member Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) already registered their strong support for this important resolution that shows Poland and the Poles, our loyal allies, were victims of Stalin’s Soviet Union during WWII.

Please ask your United States Senators to co-sponsor S. Res. 566.

For your convenience when you phone your United States Senators you may wish to follow the script below:

I am a constituent of Senator ……

My name is ….

My address is ……..

The purpose of my message is to request that Senator [LAST NAME] agree to co-sponsor S. Res. 566. This proposed Senate Foreign Relations Committee Resolution has the support of the Committee’s Chairman Senator James Risch and Ranking Member Senator Robert Menendez. The 80th Anniversary Katyń Forest Massacre Commemorative Resolution is non-controversial. Thank you for your consideration of my request. 

To review the text of S. Res. 566, please visit:

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You can find a phone number to your Senator’s office here:

We would appreciate it if you kindly let us know which Senator’s office in Washington D.C. you called by sending an email to

For more information about S.Res. 566 or the work of the Polish American Congress, please visit our website:

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Those who are constituents of Senators Risch, Menendez, Durbin, and Senator Toomey who recently co-sponsored it, do not need to call to request their Senator’s vote for the passage of S. Res. 566 but they can thank them for working on this resolution. 

We would like to thank all of Polish Americans and Friends of Polonia who joined our effort.

The PAC National Office staff

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