On Sunday, January 25th, 2020, Henrietta Nowakowski, Barbara Lemecha and Father Mirosław Król of the PAC Michigan division represented the Polish American Congress at the 48th International Polonaise Ball held at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. This event was organized by the American Institute of Polish Culture, under the patronage of the Ambassador of Poland, Piotr Wilczek. 

The ball served as the finale of a conference titled the “60 Million Congress,” a name derived from the number of Poles, including those residing outside Poland’s territory. Beyond an opportunity to dance the traditional polonaise and meet with leaders and members of the Polish American community, the ball served as an occasion to recognize Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, former Polish NBA player and philanthropist Marcin Gortat and NASA engineer Artur Chmielewski for their promotion of Polish culture overseas. 

The American Institute of Polish Culture was founded by Lady Blanka Rosenstiel in 1972 as a way to cultivate Polish culture overseas. The Institute allows for Polish culture to be shared beyond the traditional need to reconnect with one’s roots, but also serves as a vessel to promote the Polish heritage to American communities. Not only does it sponsor cultural practices and events, but educational and scientific ones, as well. 

Very Rev. Can. Miroslaw Krol Chancellor and CEO of the Orchard Lake Schools, Former Mayor Rudy Guliani, Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, and Dr. Michel S. Pawlowski

Mrs. Henrietta Nowakowski with National Basketball Association star Marcin Gortat, Mrs. Golik, and Dr. Wojciech Golik, Poland’s Honorary Consul of Missouri and member of the PAC Missouri Division.

Mrs. Henrietta Nowakowski, National Director of the PAC Michigan Division with Count Joseph Mikolaj Rej, PAC National Director-at-Large

Mrs. Barbara Lemecha, National Director PAC Michigan Division with Former Mayor Guliani

PAC Vice President For Polish Affairs Bozena Kaminski, Lady Blanka A. Rosenstiel, Dr. Michel Pawlowski Vice-President of the American Institute of Polish Culture, and PAC National Director Danuta Bronchard.

Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Guliani, who in 2001 offered Mr. Zygmunt Staszewski, PAC Long Island Division, the position of Deputy Fire Commissioner.

Organizers and participants of 48th International Polonaise Ball

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