Poland has even more promising future thanks to the THREE SEAS INITIATIVE. Croatia and Poland launched this initiative in 2015 for the purpose of integrating, on a north-to-south axis, the economies of the countries bordering the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic Seas. The goal is to complete the project of making Europe whole, prosperous and free and by doing for East Central Europe what Western Europe already achieved in the 1950s.  Improvements in infrastructure, transportation, especially better north-to-south roads, and telecommunications are at the heart of this initiative.  Moreover, the THREE SEAS AREA needs to be energy independent, which means that it can no longer rely on the Kremlin’s natural gas which carries a heavy political price.  The economic infrastructure in this part of the former Soviet space was deliberately neglected to make this zone dependent on the Kremlin.  A prosperous THREE SEAS AREA will benefit American business; Poland already is a top customer of liquefied natural gas produced in Texas.  It is no surprise that President Donald Trump’s administration strongly supports the Three Seas Initiative and sees opportunities for American businesses in helping move this project from rhetoric to reality. The THREE SEAS INITIATIVE is a win-win opportunity for Republicans and Democrats alike, and well merits bi-partisan support.

How can you get involved? Join your local division of the Polish American Congress and help us raise public, private and governmental awareness of this initiative in order to help the Three Seas Initiative receive more funding.

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