Member Organizations

National Member Organizations

Alliance Printers & Publishers, Emily Leszczynski, Chairperson

American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC), Deborah M. Majka, President

Association of Polish Women, Teresa N. Abick, President

Polish and Slavic Center, Bozena Kaminski, President

Polish Army Veterans of America, Vincent Knapczyk, President

Polish Association of Former Political Prisoners, Jozef Reszka, President

Polish Beneficial Association, Loretta Zekanis, President

Polish Falcons of America, Timothy Kuzma, President

Polish Home Army, Wieslaw T. Chodorowskii, President

Polish National Alliance (PNA), Frank Spula, President

Polish National Union, Irene Jugan, President

Polish Roman Catholic Union (PRCUA), Joseph Drobot, President

Polish Scouting Organization, Zbigniew Pisanski, President

Polish Singers Alliance, Marylou T. Wyrobek, President

Polish Union of the United States of America, Rose A. Wartko, President

Polish Veterans of WWII (SPK), Janusz Krzyzanowski, President

Polish Women’s Alliance (PWA), Delphine E. Huneycutt, President

World Congress of Polish Physicians, Dr. Henryk J. Roztoczynski, President

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