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Contacting your US Congressman or Senator


Go to Senate contact page. Drop down the “Choose a State” list to find the two Senators for your state. If you know your Senator’s name, you can drop down the “Choose a Senator” list to find the name. The following was displayed by choosing the state of Virginia:
NOTE: This is not a working form, but just an image of what you will see on the Senate contact page. Go to that page for the working version.

This gives the address and telephone to the Senator’s Capitol Hill office. Clicking the Senator’s name opens the Senator’s own web page, which usually contains the addresses of offices in his/her home state.

Senator’s e-mail addresses are not published, but you can send them electronic messages via the Web Form link.

House of Representatives


One tab lists respresentatives alphabetically by name, another by state and district.

If you know neither the name nor the district, enter your ZIP code under “Find your Representative” in the upper right corner of the page. Note: If your ZIP code spans more than one congressional district, you will be asked for your ZIP+4. If you don’t know it, you can find out by entering your address in this US Postal Service page:

Once you find the link to your representative, it will lead you directly to his/her website – there is no standardized address information as for senators. Since each representative’s site is individually designed, you must look around to find contact information.

Electronic messages are submitted through a web form, accessible from the representative’s site.

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