We represent over 10 million
Americans of Polish descent.
We value family, faith, democracy
& fulfillment of the
American Dream.

The Polish American Congress is a National Umbrella Organization, representing at least 10 million Americans of Polish descent and origin. Its membership is comprised of fraternal, educational, veteran, religious, cultural, social, business, political organizations and individual membership.

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  • 11th Anniversary of Smolensk Plane Crash

    Today marks the 11th anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash, which was one of the most tragic events in the history of Poland since World War II. It took the lives of President Lech Kaczyński, the First Lady Maria, and 94 other senior and state military officials, including the generals of the Polish Armed Forces.

  • Recalling Zbigniew Brzezinski 1928 -2017

                 In 2018 I discussed Justin Vaisse’s biography, Zbigniew Brzezinski: America’s Grand Strategist, in The Polish Review. Vaisse, Director of Policy Planning at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had authored the third such work. American historian Patrick Vaughan had published the first in 2010, in Polish.  The other, a set of essays edited by Dr Charles Gati, an

  • Transition of Poland’s Energy Sector: A Work in Progress

     Poland is the second largest producer of coal in Europe after Germany. Since coal plays an important role in the energy sector, the topic of energy transition to clean energy can be controversial. Besides coal there are also other fossil fuels used as a source of energy in Poland. Having coal as a natural resource

  • How Long May It Take for Ukraine to Join NATO?

    On June 12, 2020, Ukraine received the status of Enhanced Opportunities Partner (EOP) of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Five other countries: Australia, Finland, Sweden, Georgia, and Jordan have this status. As a NATO EOP, Ukraine will have access to interoperability programs and exercises.  The goal of interoperability for all NATO armed forces national contingents


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