• Estonia joins the Three Seas Initiative Fund

    By Policy Intern Kay Minkiewicz In 2019, the Three Seas Initiative Fund (3SIF) was created to finance infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas. The fund aims to develop three sectors in the region: transport, energy and digital infrastructure. Through this development, the fund aims to offset the

  • US Secretary of State Announces Up to $1 Billion Commitment to Three Seas Initiative : American Leadership in Action

    AMERICAN LEADERSHIP IN ACTION How will this billion investment affect Eastern and Central European integration, energy security, relations with the United States and Kremlin, and potential foreign investment? On February 15, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the United States’ commitment to the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) by pledging $1 billion in American tax

  • U.S. Congress to Support Three Seas Initiative

    by Julia Benbenek How would the bipartisan resolution introduced by Representatives Kaptur and Kinzinger affect the 3SI? On October 31, 2019, Representatives Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) along with thirteen cosponsors introduced a bipartisan resolution in support of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI). The 3SI is a strategic partnership between 12 Central and

  • Ukraine Expresses Interest in Joining the Three Seas Initiative

    by Julia Benbenek How would joining the 3SI benefit Ukraine? The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) was launched in 2015 by Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Katarovic and Polish President Andrzej Duda. The project aims to facilitate interconnectivity on energy, infrastructure, and digitalization projects in Eastern and Central Europe. It is a follow-on of the 2014 “North South


We represent over 10 million
Americans of Polish descent.
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The Polish American Congress is a National Umbrella Organization, representing at least 10 million Americans of Polish descent and origin. Its membership is comprised of fraternal, educational, veteran, religious, cultural, social, business, political organizations and individual membership.

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  • Ask your Senator to co-sponsor S.Res. 566

    Until July 2, the Polish American Congress will be focusing its efforts on helping enact Katyń commemorative resolution S. Res. 566. We are asking Polish Americans and friends of Polonia to call their Senators at their Washington D.C. offices, and request their votes for the passage of S. Res. 566, being the work of Senators Risch,


    by John Czop, Director of Policy Planning, Polish American Congress, National Office, Washington D.C.                                                                                    Polish Americans and others who understand that the United States and Poland are long term partners in freedom, since the successful American War for Independence against Great Britain, in which Generals Kościuszko and Pulaski fought against tyranny, are dismayed by

  • President Spula’s Letter Regarding Kościuszko Monument in Washington D.C.

    President Spula’s Letter regarding Kościuszko Monument

  • Polish American Congress statement on the Katyn Resolution – S. Res. 566

    To our Fellow Americans, On Thursday, May 14th the Executive Committee of the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED a Resolution to make a maximal effort to enact S. Res. 566. This first-rate 80th Anniversary Katyń Commemorative Resolution ends with a paragraph that informs our fellow Americans that President Vladimir Putin, against the facts, recently claimed

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  • Troop Pullout from Germany is a Timely Readjustment

    The U.S. withdrawal of 9500 troops from Germany is not a significant retreat or a setback for NATO. It is the opposite. By Lucja Cannon • June 19, 2020 President Trump’s recent decision to withdraw 9500 troops from Germany brought out the usual apocalyptic predictions of unacceptable harm to NATO security and breakdown of the transatlantic bridge. This

  • 2020 Marks Two Centennial Anniversaries that Show America and Poland are Partners in Freedom

    The Polish American Congress Council of National Directors Meeting, which took place in Chicago, in November 2019, was the venue for an important speech by Very Reverend Canon  Miroslaw Krol, whoi is the Chancellor of the Orchard Lake Schools.  Father Król called on the Polish American Congress to lead the project to commemorate this year’s


    United States Senate Resolution 566 Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Katyń Massacre merits our support for the following reasons:  Mr. Damian Murphy, Senior Staff, United States Senate Foreign Relations (SFR) Committee and  his assistants prepared a complete and accurate text of the 80th Anniversary Katyń Massacre Commemorative Resolution, which informs the American people, and by

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