• Three Seas Initiative News Digest

    By PAC Intern Emma Barska Last updated: 09/17/2020 Three Seas project development serves entire EU – president September 7, 2020 Polish President Andrzej Duda highlighted the purpose and benefits of the Three Seas Initiative while opening the Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference in Kraków on Monday, September 7th, 2020. The project, which relies on the

  • Estonia joins the Three Seas Initiative Fund

    By Policy Intern Kay Minkiewicz In 2019, the Three Seas Initiative Fund (3SIF) was created to finance infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas. The fund aims to develop three sectors in the region: transport, energy and digital infrastructure. Through this development, the fund aims to offset the

  • US Secretary of State Announces Up to $1 Billion Commitment to Three Seas Initiative : American Leadership in Action

    AMERICAN LEADERSHIP IN ACTION How will this billion investment affect Eastern and Central European integration, energy security, relations with the United States and Kremlin, and potential foreign investment? On February 15, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the United States’ commitment to the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) by pledging $1 billion in American tax

  • U.S. Congress to Support Three Seas Initiative

    by Julia Benbenek How would the bipartisan resolution introduced by Representatives Kaptur and Kinzinger affect the 3SI? On October 31, 2019, Representatives Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) along with thirteen cosponsors introduced a bipartisan resolution in support of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI). The 3SI is a strategic partnership between 12 Central and


We represent over 10 million
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The Polish American Congress is a National Umbrella Organization, representing at least 10 million Americans of Polish descent and origin. Its membership is comprised of fraternal, educational, veteran, religious, cultural, social, business, political organizations and individual membership.

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  • Not Just Aesthetics: The Distinct Kashubian Language

    By PAC Intern Nicole Rybak Whether in the homeland or abroad, going into a European specialty store, one’s eyes can feast on the beauty of glazed pottery decorated with images of colorful flowers and soft-edged patterns. Abroad, this type of pottery may be considered traditionally Polish, but it actually originates in a region of the

  • Should NATO-Russia Founding Act Be Repealed?

    By PAC Intern Kamila Magiera Should NATO-Russia Founding Act be repealed in light of the Kremlin’s serial violations of International law since 2008? The NATO-Russia Founding Act, also known as the “Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation”, was a transformative step towards cooperation between the Kremlin and

  • The NATO-Russia Founding Act

    What is the History of the Act, and How Does it Remain Relevant Today? By PAC Intern Alexander Tantum The NATO-Russia Founding Act was approved by the North Atlantic Council on May 16th, 1997. One of the primary purposes of the act was to build increased trust, cooperation, and unity between the Kremlin and the

  • In Search for Greater Good: Dealing with Kremlin Disobedience

    by Nicole Rybak Following a tumultuous relationship caused primarily by the events of World War II and subsequently the Cold War, on May 27, 1997, NATO members and the Russian Federation signed the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation, and Security at the NATO Summit in Paris, France. This document was set to mark the


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  • Legislative Alert

    The following legislative alert still remains relevant H.Res. 672 – Three Seas Initiative Resolution

  • Chicago Uhonorowało Solidarność

    “O jedności i wspólnocie, w której tkwi ogromna siła, mówił Frank Spula, prezes Kongresu Polonii Amerykańskiej i Związku Narodowego Polskiego. – Pamiętam jak w naszym stanie, w Kongresie Polonii Amerykańskiej, ludzie pomagali finansowo i emocjonalnie. Organizowali zbiórki. Chcieli, żeby Polska była wolna. I tak się stało, bo w jedności jest siła.” Cały artykuł: “Chicago Uhonorowało

  • The Repression of Belarus’s Democratic Movement

    by John Czop PAC Director of Policy and Planning Over the past week, the brutal repression of Belarus’s democratic movement by the Lukashenko regime recalls the theme of Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s keynote speech, at the November 2005 symposium: “Poland’s Foreign Policy, from the “Piasts to the Present,” at Columbia University. Professor Brzezinski began by stating

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