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March 24, 2022                                                                            202-744-1868


Polish American Story Will Be In National Museum of the American People

A new national museum in the heart of Washington, DC will incorporate the story of Polish Americans and how they came to be Americans.

Supporters of the proposed National Museum of the American People, which is about the making of the American People, are seeking a Presidential Commission to study establishment of the museum. Polish American organizations are being asked to sign the Declaration of E Pluribus Unum urging President Biden to create the commission. The Polish American Congress was the first organization to sign on.

Leading scholars of Polish American history will help the museum tell its story. It will show how Polish Americans contributed to making the United States the economic, military, scientific and cultural leader of the world.

“The National Museum of the American People will be one of the most powerful narrative museums anywhere as it recounts one of the most amazing stories in human history,” said Sam Eskenazi, director of the NMAP coalition. “Polish Americans, the eighth largest ethnic/nationality/minority group in the nation, are a big part of that story.”

Along NMAP’s absorbing pathway, visitors will explore when and where Polish Americans arrived, who they were, how they got here, why they left, where they migrated to across the nation and their significant contributions to the country.

Eskenazi is urging national, state and local Polish American organizations to sign the Declaration of E Pluribus Unum. To sign on, organizations simply need to send a note to with the name and title of the organization’s leader. NMAP will verify that information and add it to the Declaration.


The National Museum of the American People (NMAP) is a proposed museum that will present the dramatic story about the making of the American People. The nation’s compelling history begins with the first humans in the Western Hemisphere and continues through today. It will celebrate all who became Americans, whether from Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands, or the Americas or were here as First Peoples. The museum will endeavor to be one of the most powerful story-telling museums in the world as it takes visitors along a dynamic pathway starting some 20,000 years ago. The NMAP will bring all Americans together, foster civics education and instill our national values – freedom, liberty, democracy, majority rule, voting, minority and civil rights – values that stem from the Constitution of the United States as it has been amended over the years. More information about the NMAP is here.

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