During the 2022 Polish American Congress (PAC) Council of National Directors’ in Chicago last week, PAC CND voted to approve “Ukraine Resolution”. Main point of this document is to show support for Ukraine and its efforts to join NATO, and to request funds for Poland to pay for the care of several million refugees from Ukraine.

Polish American Congress Ukraine Resolution

             Whereas, Ukraine has been the victim of unprovoked aggression by Russia, and,

            Whereas, for seven months, Ukraine has been defending itself valiantly and fighting to maintain its sovereignty, and,

            Whereas, in a greater sense, Ukraine is also fighting for the liberty and self-determination of all independent people, and,

            Whereas, the United States has contributed $17.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine, the largest contribution from all the NATO countries, and,

            Whereas, the Polish American Congress has raised more than $250,000 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and,

            Whereas, Ukraine has submitted its application for NATO membership in September 2022, 

            Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Polish American Congress urges President Biden and the administration to:

  • Continue its financial, diplomatic and military support of Ukraine.
  • Vigorously seek to admit Ukraine into NATO as soon as possible.
  • Provide financial assistance to the Republic of Poland to support the millions of Ukrainian refugees now living in Poland.
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