by John Czop

Readers recall that the three articles previously posted by me this evening have compared and contrasted two anti-ideologies, anti-Polonism and anti-Semitism. The purpose of this article is to show how our opponents, politically organized Jewry and the Kremlin’s lobby in the United States, mobilize anti-Polonism in its contemporary form to promote their political goals.
Both our opponents want American public opinion and the United States Government to see Poland and the Poles, and by extension Polish Americans, the way they do in order to achieve their self-serving and lurid political objectives. Most importantly, our opponents’ goals DO NOT promote the national security interests of the United States. Both our opponents are succeeding because they spend much more money than do we to influence American public opinion. Today, public opinion not only legitimizes, but shapes policy-making by democratic republics throughout the world. We Polish Americans are losing this struggle for American public opinion. Politically organized Jewry has persuaded, most recently through the books of Princeton University Professor Jan Tomasz Gross, educated Americans that Poles are preternatural anti-Semites and unrepentant Judeocides who perpetrated the mass murder of European Jewry during World War II in tandem with Nazi Germany and who persist in refusing to pay lump-sum compensation
Politically organized Jewry worldwide wants money from Poland. They want Poland to pay for crimes against Jewish owned private property despoiled by Nazi Germany and then nationalized by the Communists. The key players in this ghastly anti-Polish campaign are the component organizations of the Holocaust Industry, like the New York City based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (which prefers to call itself the Claims Conference following the German Government’s declaration, several years ago, that it will make no further reparation payments for perpetrating the mass murder of European Jewry). These Holocaust Industry lobbying organizations have succeeded in enlisting the United States Government to pressure today’s Poles to tax themselves to pay lump-sum compensation for private property owned by Jews on conquered Polish territory during the World War II era. Your Government is acting as the lobbying agent of the Holocaust Industry. Readers recall that in 1960 the United States and Poland acceded to a bilateral treaty on compensation for private property owned by United States citizens, before 1 September 1939, that was nationalized by the Soviet Union’s puppet regime in Poland, the Polish People’s Republic. Poland has fulfilled the terms of this 1960 treaty. Today, the United States Government is pressuring Poland to compensate the Holocaust Industry. United States citizens already have been compensated by Poland’s Communist regime in the 1960s.
Last Spring, the enactment of the JUST ACT OF 2017, a law most unjust to Poland, and the United States Government’s wrong and unfair criticism of Poland’s new anti-defamation law, are the most recent examples of the continuing campaign against Poland and Polonism. We must be prepared for the next assault against truth and memory. by encouraging our fellow Americans to read the truth about Poland and the Poles during World War II on the web site of the Polish American Congress, where they will see: THE STATEMENT OF THE POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS ON POLAND AND THE POLES DURING WORLD WAR II and President Frank J. Spula’s STATEMENT IN OPPOSITION TO THE JUST ACT OF 2017 (Senate Resolution 447).

The Polish American Congress never registered its integral opposition to Senate Resolution 447 which calls on all 42 countries which signed the Terezin Declaration to fulfill their responsibilities for restitution/compensation of movable and immovable property formerly owned by Jews and for maintaining Holocaust Memorials. Instead, the Polish American Congress does not want Poland included among these countries. President Spula’s STATEMENT clearly expresses the position of the Polish American Congress on Senate Resolution 447: this resolution should NOT apply to Poland for two reasons.

First, the Polish Government does not consider the Terezin Declaration binding.

Second, there was no state-to-state collaboration between Nazi Germany and the Polish State, the World War II governmental authority of Poland, set up after the collapse of the Second Polish Republic in early October 1939, which was based in France and then in the United Kingdom, and represented by its Delegatura in Poland.

Therefore, unlike Slovakia, which paid Nazi Germany to remove and send its Jews to murder camps in the Generalgouvernement, Poland is not obliged to enact a general compensation law for private property formerly owned by Jews. Those seeking compensation may do so in the Polish courts. A case-by-case approach fits the Polish context far better than a one-size-fits-all lump-sum law. Those dissatisfied with the Polish judiciary, especially with the continuing service of communist era appointees and their numerous and much younger proteges, will find support among well informed Polish Americans who understand that communism never collapsed in Poland, instead it was transformed, and continuity in personnel and policy from communist times to our times looms large. This is why the complaint by politically organized Jewry that Polish courts move too slowly on compensation cases has merit. But their remedy of a lump-sum compensation law is unfair to Poland and the Poles. Instead, reform of the Polish judiciary is required to ensure fair play.

This Spring the Kremlin’s agents in the United States are working hard to persuade Polish Americans that the establishment of permanent NATO bases with American armed forces in our kin country actually is contrary to Poland’s interests. Our foes want us to believe that American troops on Polish soil will advance the interests of politically organized transnational Jewry by deploying United States armed force to pressure Poland to pay extravagant compensation for private property formerly owned by Jews. The reason for permanent NATO bases in Poland is to deter Kremlin aggression, and not to pressure Poland to pay compensation. The Polish American Congress position is that permanent NATO bases in Poland are necessary as a deterrent to Russian aggression.

Only those who do not visit our web site say that the Polish American Congress is not doing enough to put forward the truth about Poland and the Poles during World War II, and to convince our fellow Americans that a strong and sovereign Poland protects United States national security interests in Eastern Europe and promotes the American values of political freedom and free enterprise in that important part of the world.

This is why it is vital to ask those who represent you in Congress to sponsor Congressional Resolutions to put forward the truth about Poland and the Poles during World War II. The Polish American Congress Statement on Poland and the Poles during World War II should inform the resolutions you ask your members of Congress to sponsor. Asking your members of Congress to do this will be more effective than participating in misguided street demonstrations calling for repeal of Senate Resolution 447, which involves many more countries than Poland.

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