Application For Individual Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the Polish American Congress.
Please read these instructions in their entirety before you proceed.


1. Go to the page for the State Division nearest your location. If that Division has a website, use its “Membership” or “Join” page instead of this one.

2. If the Division does not have a website, or its website does not provide membership information, contact an Officer of the Division about joining PAC, asking for information about dues payments, and where to send the application, and then continue with the instructions below.

3. Click on GO TO THE FORM below. You will need Adobe Reader – if the form does not open, you might need to update your Reader software to the latest version at

4. Fill out the form on the screen. Print the form on your printer and sign where indicated

5. (Optional) Have the form signed by your sponsors (must be PAC members) where indicated. You may also submit your application without sponsor signatures, in which case the Division will contact you with instructions.

6. Mail the form, with payment check, to the address provided to you in Step 2.

Ready? Go to the Form

We’re sorry, but we cannot accept your application on-line.
We need your signature and dues payment.

Thank you.

PAC Membership Sign up

In order to join the PAC, please enter your email address and click subscribe. You will be taken to payment page. There is an option to log into your PayPal account and submit payment using your account or pay with your credit card.

You have Successfully Subscribed!

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