To:       Dr. Barbara Borzuchowska Andersen
            Director of Research, Washington Office, Polish American Congress
From:   Susanne Lotarski, President, Washington Metropolitan Area Division, PAC
Subject: Congratulations on Impressive PAC Exhibit at U.S. Congressional Event

Dear Barbara,
Congratulations on putting together and hosting another outstanding PAC exhibit at the U.S. Capitol for Members of Congress and their staffs.  The PAC’s exhibit, “Beautiful Polish American Minds,” was without doubt the best of the more than two dozen exhibits. The posters you prepared adeptly took advantage of the theme of this year’s “Taste America” event, “Beautiful Minds,” to feature the contributions of almost 200 Polish Americans, including 8 Nobel Prize winners.  Many of the hundreds of visitors were surprised and impressed to learn that so many of these people were Polish Americans.  This led them to be interested in the Polish American Congress and pick up the various brochures and materials about the PAC.  You also did a fantastic job of engaging them in conversation and explaining our mission.
The assortment of books, videos, cd’s, pens, puzzles, and other “goodies,”  as well as the Polish beer and chocolates also were a huge draw, and along with the print out of the posters sent people home with much to help them learn about Polish American contributions.
Poland’s Ambassador, Robert Kupiecki, said he was very impressed by the exhibition and expressed his desire to feature the presented information on the Embassy’s website.
I know that producing this, as well as getting sponsors to fund and support it, is a huge job.  But the publicity for the PAC and promotion of our good name was certainly well worth the effort.  Sincere appreciation to you and your interns.