Articles and communications from President Frank J. Spula

11/09/2016 Congratulations to President-Elect Trump and VP-Elect Pence
09/17/2016 Pres. Spula's Letter to Sen. Mikulski re restitution claims.
07/14/2016 Pres. Spula's Letter to Sec. Sate re Jewish restitution claims
03/29/2016 Pres. Spula's Letter to Pres. Obama re meeting with Polish Pres. Duda
02/16/2016 Pres. Spula's Letter to 3 US Senators re meddling in internal affairs
01/15/2016 Pres. Spula's Letter to EU Pres. re unfair criticism of Polish Govt.
04/20/2015 Letter to FBI Director Comey re Poland's role in the Holocaust
11/24/2014 Open Letter to President & US Congress on Russian actions
07/25/2014 Pres. Spula's Letter to Pres. Obama re Ukrainian air disaster
03/04/2014 Pres. Spula's Letter to Pres. Obama re Ukrainian situation
02/19/2013 Pres. Spula's Letter to Pres. Obama re Visa Waiver Program
02/07/2013 Pres. Spula's Letter on Sen. Hagel's Nomination for Secretary of Defense
05/30/2012 Pres. Spula's letter to Pres. Obama re Karski medal presentation
03/21/2012 Pres. Spula's letter to Sen. Schumer (NY) in support of Visa Waiver
01/24/2012 Pres. Spula Visits Poland with US Congressional Delegation
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