Chicago, July 6, 2010

Hon. Bronislaw Komorowski
President of the Republic of Poland
Presidential Palace
Warsaw, Poland

Dear Mr. President:

On the occasion of your election to the office of President of the Republic of Poland, in the name of the Polish American Congress and the Polish National Alliance, and in my own, I wish to convey to you sincere congratulations and wishes of many successes in fulfilling this august and responsible position.

I am convinced that the upcoming time of your term in office will result in broad social and economic progress. I also wish to express the hope that relations between us will develop favorably, resulting in mutual good for all of us.

Please accept, Mr. President, wishes of good health and personal fulfillment.

I sincerely invite you to Chicago, so that American Polonia may have the honor of meeting the newly-elected President of the Republic of Poland.

With expressions of respect,

Frank J. Spula