Chicago, June 2, 2009

Hon. Lech Kaczynski
President of the Republic of Poland
Presidential Palace
Warsaw, Poland

Dear Mr. President:

In a few days, on June 4, Poland and Polonia around the world will celebrate a very particular anniversary. After many years of occupation, interference by neighboring countries and unrest within the country, but above all as a result of the agreements of the Round Table talks, exactly twenty years ago from this date, Poles cast their votes in the first democratic election! This election not only initiated the fall of one of the bloodiest totalitarian systems in the history of Europe, but also engendered intense feelings of relief in the hearts of Polish patriots residing – often for many generations – beyond Poland’s borders.

As you no doubt know, Mr. President, the Polish American Congress, an organization which it is my honor to head, was created in 1944 with a major mission of fighting for an independent Poland. For over two thirds of the time of its existence, our Organization devoted itself to efforts on behalf of a free and democratic Poland.

With all our hearts we join with you, Mr. President, and with the citizens of Poland on this significant day commemorating the historic role of Poland in the transformation of her own political system and that of the entire region.

Today, two decades after the historic events of 1989, American Polonia celebrates this date with the same pride and joy as our compatriots in Poland.


Francis J. Spula