January 29, 2009

Mr. Janusz Kurtyka, President
Institute of National Remembrance (IPN)
ul. Towarowa 28
Warsaw, Poland

Dear Mr. President Kurtyka:

For some time now, Polonian circles in the United States are being informed of attempts undertaken in Poland and the U.S. – based on documentation of the IPN – to reveal former agents, collaborators with the secret services of the Polish People’s Republic (PRL), who operated, and, possibly, continue to operate, within American Polonia.

Understandably, this information engenders much interest from Polonian organizations and Americans of Polish descent. But information about these matters is, at present, selective and incomplete. That creates the possibility of varying interpretations, aggressive speculation, mutual accusations and personal conflicts. This could have a negative impact both on American Polonia and on its cooperation with Poland.

In that connection, I appeal to IPN to undertake systematic studies on the activities of agents of PRL within Polonian circles in the United States, and to inform the Polish American Congress of the results of such studies.

Comprehensive and credible information prepared by IPN specialists, in accordance with scientific principles of thoroughness and openness, would serve to reveal historical truth and to strengthen relations between Polonia and democratic Poland. On our part, we guarantee full cooperation in filling in the blank spots of our mutual history.

I thank you in advance, Mr. President, for your help and understanding.

Frank J. Spula, President

Translation: Ted Mirecki