March 4, 2009


Mr. Frank J. Spula
President, Polish American Congress

Dear Mr. President,

I must admit that, like you, I was initially very confused by the media reports about the words spoken by my dear friend, [Deputy] Speaker Stefan Niesiolowski. My consternation arose from the fact that I hold American Polonia in very high regard, and I could not imagine what circumstances would propel Speaker Niesiolowski to utter words which are so hurtful to a society to which Poland owes so much.

Speaker Niesiolowski, however, explained to me that it was not his intention to insult American Polonia, and that his words were taken out of context and misinterpreted. In fact, Mr. Niesiolowski was deeply agitated by the attacks on Andrzej Czuma [Minister of Justice who was accused of financial malfeasance during his residence in Chicago in the 1990's - T.M.] and vented his feelings very emotionally. In a personal conversation, Mr. Niesiolowski convinced me that his impulsive words were not directed at Polonia, but at persons besmirching the good name of someone who made great contributions in the struggle for a democratic Poland, and who was the Minister of Justice in the government of the Republic of Poland.

Of course I am not qualified to represent or explain the views of Speaker Niesiolowski, but I can assure you that he knows very well of the splendid pages of Polish history written by Polonia, and is aware of the great debt that the citizens of our country owe to their brethren living abroad.

In thanking you for your courteous letter and the concerns you expressed, let me assure you that I sincerely hope that this incident will not cast a shadow over the relations between the Polish Parliament and Polonia.

/-/ Bronislaw Komorowski

Translation - Thaddeus Mirecki