CEEC Meets with White House Officials
to Discuss Missile Defense Issue
September 22, 2009

At this meeting, Dr. Susanne Lotarski, PAC VP of Public Relations, and Dr. Barbara Andersen, Director of Research at the PAC Washington Office, hand-delivered President Frank Spula's statement on US-Polish relations.

Central and East European Coalition (CEEC) with Administration Officials at White House Conference Center in Washington, DC (left to right): William Schlickenmaier (White House), Stephanie Urban (Lithuanian American Community), Marju Rink-Abel (Estonian American National Council), Karl Altau (JBANC), Jeffrey Hovenier (White House), Frank Koszorus (American Hungarian Federation), Barbara Andersen and Susanne Lotarski (Polish American Congress), Mamuka Tsereteli (Georgian American Association), Antony Blinken (White House), Max Teleki (Hungarian American Coalition), Michael Sawkiw (Ukrainian Congress Committee of America), Jon Wolfsthal (White House), Bryan Ardouny (Armenian Assembly of America).

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